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Webgro has been founded by Natalia to offer high quality SEO, social media and ads services that are closely tailored to client’s business model, industry and target market, unlike the cookie cutter approach used by many other SEO companies.

Our approach is to learn about the uniqueness of your business, the products and services and then understand the customers and their needs. This helps us better create and optimize your website’s content for online searches or create a highly targeted ad campaigns.

About the founder:

Natalia is a digital marketing specialist with experience in SEO, social media presence, graphics design and advertising campaigns in all major digital platforms, while also being a Google Ads Certified Professional. Using her skills, creativity and passion she has helped a wide range of businesses grow and succeed online with the increase in website traffic and improved online presence.

Prior to starting off into digital marketing work, Natalia has spent years as strategic marketing specialist in the mining industry, gaining valuable experience in sales, marketing and customer relations.

Natalia Guberman
Natalia GubermanFounder
“My work is driven by passion, as I am particularity thrilled at seeing SEO, social media and advertisement campaigns have positive impact to clients’ engagement and sales. We take pride in crafting visually stunning content that makes our clients online presence to stand out even more.”

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